This organic design provides a lot of creative privacy with bamboo leaves covering a heavy negative space, making it difficult for unwanted outside onlookers to peer in. The unique bamboo design is laser cut and made from marine grade aluminium, providing you and your family with that added level of security. Try the Decoview builder today to see what this design would look like on your home in real-time.


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32% Open Surface Area


Ficus is constructed from marine grade aluminium (that which Coast Guard vessels are made from) for maximum strength and quality. All Decoview products are made locally in Australia to ensure the highest level of quality, there is no risk of galvanic or electrolysis corrosion between the frames, fasteners and the panel.
By preventing corrosion your doors have the chance to last a lifetime. Decoview security doors are pre-treated to accordance to the Australian AS4506 and AS3715.

At Decoview we can accommodate all door sizes and dimensions. Our products are custom designed and manufactured locally for the best quality and service. Contact us today with your dimensions for a free quote.

With a plethora of colours, Decoview Security Doors will definitely make an impression. Decoview Doors are powder coated in a wide array of colour hues.

We use the highest quality Dulux and Interpon powder coatings, you can be assured your Decoview Security screen is looking good for years to come.

The Decoview extrusion system has a unique patent pending clamping system that can hold any panel up to 8mm thick.
The material is secured by the Decoview clip that creates a friction hold and cannot be removed or kicked out of the decorative security door frame.

Decoview Security doors are so versatile, they can be used to create a statement piece on your front door, some privacy from a busy street frontage or security all of these possibilities all while looking damn good! with a door that looks like a work of art. We will have a design to match your requirements or taste and if we don’t we can also do custom designs as well.


See what this design would look like on your home in real time! Simply take a photo of your front door and the Decoview Visualiser will show you what your facade will look like – also choose from a range of pre-exisiting facades.

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See what this design will look like in real life - simply take a photo of your front door (or any door) and be amazed!


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Switch up the vibrancy with an array of colours and see how a different hue can change the feel of your whole house.


Check out other real life projects with the Heavy Bamboo design. Be inspired by real projects and get creative with a wide range of Decoview designs from around Australia.

Laser cut security screen door Decoview - Heavy bamboo design